Wir planen für August 2018 wieder ein Seminar mit Martin Incédi (Lavondyss, CZ) in Ost-Thüringen. Ihr könnt euch auf ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Wochenende freuen. Der genaue Tagesablauf ergibt sich, je nachdem wie die einzelnen Teams aufgestellt sind – max. 7 Teams pro Tag.


Themen: Walked Up & Basics / Fortgeschritten – Open


Teilnahme pro Team an einem Tag: 80€


Meldestart: sofort


ANMELDUNGEN bitte ausschließlich über folgendes Formular oder via Mail:



Hier geht es zu Martin’s Homepage


Über Martin Incédi…


My passion for retrievers started already with my first show labrador, which I bought as a pet dog in 2004, but very soon we started with dummy trainings, working tests, cold game tests and hunting days. In autumn 2006 I saw labradors from working lines for the first time. That was love at first sight, which completely changed my life. In June 2007 first working labrador came into my life – my once in a lifetime dog Int. FTCH Blackthorn Biham (Viky). Together we won many WT in Czech Republic and abroad and Viky won an award in almost every competition we entered. We also started at field trials and in 2012 I made Viky up to Int. FTCH. We represented Czech Republic 3 times at International Working Test and 2 times at Individual Challenge Cup, where we achieved our greatest success by winning ICC 2014 in France. Together with my wife we trained another 2 dogs up to open level and this season I started trialing with my young yellow dog from Ireland Watergreen Joker. We also train two promising youngsters from our Lavondyss „A“ litter and hope to start trialing them next season.

I’ve been involved in Retriever Sport CZ association for many years becoming chief trainer in 2009 with the aim to organize WT, seminars and trainings with experienced trainers to improve retriever work in Czech Republic. Since 2006 I’ve been giving training days at our local grounds, but also around Czech Republic and abroad.


***Bitte denkt daran: Meldegeld = Reuegeld, solltet ihr aus Gründen nicht an dem Seminar teilnehmen können muss sich um einen Ersatzstarter gekümmert werden oder das Meldegeld gezahlt werden.***