Greenbriar ’17

About This Project

FTCh Adoraden Izzy At Greenbriar „Lizzie“ (FTCh Eastdale Guss x Greenbriar Arrieta)
Greenbriar Guinee (FTCh Waterford Featherman x FTCh Adoraden Izzy At Greenbriar)
Greenbriar Adelaide „Stella“ (FTCh Beileys Aguzannis Of Fendawood x Greenbriar Guinee)
Greenbriar Halo (FTCh Ferbury Lancelot Of Smithsteads x Greenbriar Guinee)
Greenbriar Harpy „Humphy“ (FTCh Gosberry Governor x Greenbriar Polka)
Adoraden Betty (FTCh Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn x Adoraden Ruby Tuesday)

UK, Züchter